Hope House is Moving

Hope House is Moving

Projects For Asia's Hope House Children's Home is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is a rescue home for 75 needy children from 5 different Hill Tribe groups located in the mountains of Thailand. The home takes care of boys and girls from 5-20 years old.

Hope House was started 11 years ago and the children have been housed and educated in the same facility for the past 8 years.

Over the years we have commented that Hope House needs a new home but we were always careful to give thanks for the place we have.

We patched and re-patched and painted layers over old concrete. All done to make the place look less sad and depressing.

We prayed for funding for a new home but nothing came in.

Then, the most feared thing happened. The owner announced that he was selling the property where Hope House is located and that we have 6 months to move. The land it sits on is worth a fortune.

Faced with the huge challenge of finding a new location, (there are no multiple listings in Chiang Mai) we spent hours in the car riding around the back roads of Chiang Mai looking for something we could afford to buy or rent and asking multitudes of people if they knew of anything we could make into a new Hope House.

It soon became obvious that buying property or renting a large enough property for our 75 children was impossible for us.

After many anxious weeks of searching, a dear friend suggested that we might pray differently. Not sure of what that meant, we began to pray less specifically for what we thought we needed and instead a prayed a prayer of faith that the Lord would provide in the way He knew best for His children.

Shortly thereafter, a local friend whom we hadn't seen in a while visited us. We casually asked her if she knew of a place where we might be able to relocate Hope House. She didn't readily respond but when she returned home, she asked a friend and connections were made to show us an old abandoned resort on 7 rai of land (3.5 acres). This is twice the size of the old Hope House land.

The owner was pleased to have us rent his land and in fact stated that this is what he had hoped for, that it would become a home for destitute at-risk children.

We told him that we had no money to buy his property and he agreed to lease his land and old buildings on a 20-year lease with the option to renew at the end of 20 years. The lease agreement is LESS than what we are now paying. We have complete freedom to develop the property to suit our needs. We instantly knew this place was God's perfect plan for Hope House.

We pictured the Lord's smile when we first walked the land and saw the swimming pool. For years we have asked the Lord for some water where we can cool off our children in 100+ weather. The public pools are too expensive to take 75 children and finding a stream that is clean and free has been a challenge. The Lord did not provide a stream or pond but a swimming pool that is in working condition. It is hard to imagine that we will have our own pool.


The New Hope House will be built in phases based on our most immediate needs.

  • Phase 1: Girls Dorm: Individuals have already come along side with the vision for the new Hope House and have donated funds to get the girls dorm started.
  • Phase 2: Boys Dorm: Once the funds are raised, we can start the boys’ dorms simultaneously as the girls’ dorms are being built.
  • Phase 3: Kitchen: Hope House kitchen to feed all children, 3 meals a day.
  • Phase 4: Pavillion: This is a place for the lunch room for the Hope House kids and a common large meeting area.
  • Phase 5: Laundry area: a place to wash, hang and dry uniforms, towels, sheets and play clothes.
  • Phase 6: School: Hope and a Future Learning center is a non formal learning center focused on educating the special needs of our Hope House Children. This school has been ongoing for the past 6 years. The school will need to have 12 classrooms for grades 1-12th plus English classrooms.

*Funds still need to be raised for Phases 2-6



Want to donate by check? Send checks to:

Projects for Asia Charitable Foundation 
661 Main St. 
Norwell, Ma 02061

Are you interested in funding a phase of the new Hope House? Do you have a team interested in coming to build? Please contact pfasia98@gmail.com

Need more information about Projects For Asia or Hope House? Go to:

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