Out with the old, in with the new!

Out with the old, in with the new!

The beginining of August closed the book on the old Hope House campus. The last truck- load left and the keys were turned over.  None too soon.  A wiring problem buzzed inside one of the old walls and there was no water running into the girls’ dorm. The Lord knew it was time to move out!  

It was hard, hot work moving one campus out and into the new one, but no one complained. We were all so excited and happy to move into our new Hope House.

Deborah stayed at the old Hope House and organized the loading and Lenora stayed at the new Hope House and directed the unloading.  Everything we have is old so before it went into the new Hope House, it got a fresh coat of paint.

There was an overlap of days when the children had to stay at the old Hope House with no fans and due to a pump problem, very little water.  The children were kept occupied by taking up the bricks we had laid down over the years at the old Hope House.  We transported them to the new Hope House and laid them down again. This was a money saver and helped with the vast mud problem on the new construction site. 

The little kids took the bricks up at old Hope House and the middle age kids laid them down at the New Hope House.

The High Schoolers worked with construction and painted old furniture.

All day long the trucks came and went. The children watched and waited and were the last to go.  Finally, we loaded them into the songtaews and brought them to their new home.  Big smiles and cheers came from the trucks as they arrived. The children poured out with their plastic boxes of belongings and they hurried into their dorms to choose their new beds. 

Girls in their new bathroom. They had a lesson on how to use  western flush toilets. 

Hope House is so blessed to be gifted with new beds and mattresses.  After 10 years, our old beds and mattresses were in very bad shape.  Now we have new beautiful unbroken beds!  We also had sheets and pillowcases made to match new gray and pink blankets.  Our dorm rooms are beautiful!

When we moved from old Hope House, we left behind our school.  At the new facility, we have made 6 temporary classrooms until we can build our new school.  Two of the classrooms are in the old mud houses.  They have been painted and made kid friendly.  Two others were made from existing rooms on the campus. (An old kitchen and office) The two high school rooms are in dorm rooms, one in the girls’ dorm and one in the boys’. Forfeiting a dorm room for a classroom makes the living conditions in the new dorms tight, but it is our temporary solution to continue our school. 

(Left)new kitchenwith covered walk-way from the pavilion eating area. During rainy season, covered walkways are a great necessity as the rain can come at any time with heavy downpours. 

(right) the new laundry. Washing clothes for a children’s home the size of Hope House, is a never- ending task. The children wear their uniforms only once before laundering, multiply that by 5 days per child. The clothes are machine washed and line dried. 

Their towels, sheets, play clothes, PJ’s, swim suits and under ware are all also washed.  Multiply that by 60 and the laundry never closes. 


Everyone in the PFA organization has a great heart of thanksgiving toward our Lord who provided us with this new facility. Six months ago, we unexpectedly were told to move out because our old place was being sold.  With no time to financially prepare for the move, we were faced with the decision to close or believe the Lord’s Word to take care of the orphan and the unfortunate. We were performing the Lord’s Word by caring for 77 of the poorest children in Thailand. So, we made the huge step of faith and trusted the Lord to provide for His children and work. 

Today the new Hope House campus is a testimony of God’s faithfulness and miraculous provision. We can only stand in awe of our living Lord who is ever present in our time of need. We sincerely thank the Body of Christ who stepped in to help raise money and come to Thailand to build some of our buildings.  We thank all of you who gave through Pay pal and with checks. We will be eternally grateful. 

To date, we have paid for all the construction except for $20,000 left to pay on the 2 dorms and pavilion.  This is money that we have no budget for.  We would like to make this need known to our supporters to ask if you are willing to help us pay down this last debt. Below is the link for Pay pal and our address is also given for checks. Thank you for helping the Hope House children in this great time of need. 

“Because I delivered the poor who cried for help, and the fatherless who had none to help him.”  Job 29:12

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  • 29 August 2018
  • Deborah Longerich
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