Next Steps


Hope and a Future Learning Center's graduates are planning their next steps!

We are thrilled to see the strong character and confidence that has been instilled in them, they have vision and hope for their futures. Now it is time to push forward into the next chapter of their lives. Many of the graduates have grown up in Hope House and we are not eager to have them totally leave.

Hope House is a sheltered existence and we strongly feel the students need time to transition into the world. Next year, the graduates will continue to live at Hope House. They will share their time between taking on line higher education courses and working in the home. The teens are strong examples to the younger Hope House children. They will be used in a mentoring capacity and as Junior House Parents. They will help in our learning center as teaching aids.

Projects For Asia will continue to support them reach their future goals. We need your help to do it. Please read the aspirations of our students and consider helping them. We believe they are the future of Thailand!

Future Higher Education Graduates

Your donations will be placed in the “PFA Next Steps Fund". This is a general fund which will help pay for the students' higher education and vocational training expenses. (To sponsor an individual student please visit the Hope House Sponsorship page. Hope House Sponsorships will cover room and board at Hope House.)

Donations can be made via the links below or checks can be made out to:

Projects For Asia
732 Eden Way North #119 Suite E
Chesapeake, Virginia 23320
Note: Next Steps Fund


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